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After migration, I found notes assigned to my migrated records which didn`t exist in source CRM. What are they?

In some cases, attachments in your source CRM with relations to objects such as opportunities/deals, contacts, or activities can be lost during a migration process due to these relations being unsupported by your target CRM.

To avoid this form of data loss and ensure data integrity, Trujay provides you with a solution: the creation of fake notes in the target CRM which serve the purpose of bridging the attachment and the object record so as to preserve the attachment-object relation during the migration to the target CRM. The related attachment is loaded on to a file which is then attached to the desired opportunity and will, therefore, be visible when viewing the opportunity record in your target CRM.


Bridge Entity

Warning: Deleting these notes will cause you to lose these bridges and will result in the loss of theses attachment-object relations. The fake notes created by the Trujay software are commonly named as such: "_ _ _ _"