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Do I have to pay (VAT) Value-Added Tax?

Last Updated: 09/21/22

Applies to: 

Customers, who are planning to use Trujay services and would like to know about related payments and VAT

Common Causes / Issues:

Getting familiar with the VAT payments and other types of taxation, while purchasing Trujay services

Tactical Rundown:

According to the international laws coinciding with your specific case, the required taxes are added to every payment made to Trujay.

When you are submitting your payment, it is accepted by PayPro - a company that handles taxes for Trujay migration service payments. PayPro collects VAT (value-added tax) from all EU consumers and the VAT is paid directly to the relevant national authority.

The same applies to Canadian citizens charged with GST (goods and services tax) and HST (harmonized sales tax). All VAT, GST, and HST taxes are collected and sent to the corresponding national government.

If you have a VAT ID, you are not required to pay VAT, just enter your VAT ID into the corresponding field on the PayPro payment page.

If you have submitted your payment and forgot to insert your VAT ID - you can request a VAT withdrawal by sending an email to support@payproglobal.com. You will need to include your order ID and VAT ID to get your VAT amount refunded.


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