How Can I Export Files from LinkedIn into CSV File for Successful LinkedIn Data Migration?

Trujay can migrate your data automatically from LinkedIn only if you have exported it like a CSV file before.
To export your Linkedin files into CSV file, follow the next steps to perform the process:

  • Click the ‘My Network’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and ‘Your connections’ on the left side.



  • Then, press ‘Manage synced and imported contacts’ on the right rail.




  • Find ‘Advanced actions’ on the right and click ‘Export contacts.’ Also, you can be asked to sign in into your account.




  • You will see the page where you can choose which of the files you want to export. After selecting the needed items, press "Request archive" and wait for the result.




  • Check your email for a letter from LinkedIn team with the link to download your files.




  • Download CSV file of Linkedin Contacts and save it to the desired location.




  • Then, you need to upload your CSV file to Dropbox (because you can upload a CSV file to our service for successful import only from Dropbox) and proceed with the migration.