How can I find out Capsule CRM API token?

Last updated: 03/01/23

Applies to: 

  • Capsule CRM users

Common Causes / Issues: 

  • Need of Capsule CRM API token to allow Trujay to connect to your system

Tactical Rundown:

In order to get your Capsule CRM API token, please proceed with the following steps:

- Go to your Capsule account and click "My Preferences":


– Then, click on:

  1. “API Authentication Token” on the right sidebar;
  2. “Personal Access Tokens” on the left, and
  3. “Edit” after that.


- In the opened window, you should:

  1. Specify the description;
  2. MAKE SURE TO TICK “Create, update, and delete the information from your Capsule account,” and
  3. Press “Save Changes.”


Then copy the code, go back to the Migration Wizard, and continue your data transfer.


That's it! 

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