How to perform a CRM data migration with MigrateMyCRM after using a CRM vendor’s migration tool?

There are two possible ways of data migration: you can migrate your data with the vendor’s migration tool (HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.) or with a third-party platform for import such as MigrateMyCRM. 

You may know that there are main records: Contacts, Accounts (Companies), Deals (Opportunities), Leads; and activities such as emails, notes, tasks, products, and so on.

If you performed the data migration via the vendor’s migration tool for main records and then did it for activities with the help of MigrateMyCRM - they won’t be attached to main records and relations won’t be saved.

So, before migration with MigrateMyCRM, it’s recommended to clean up your target CRM at first and then launch migration. Then you won’t need to pay extra money for customization and tech support.

If the cleaning of the target doesn’t fit you, we'll be happy to help you to migrate your records. The price will be agreed with the sales experts in accordance with the results of the studied requirements. 

So, get in touch with our experts at or contact us.