How to use the mapping legend

Last Updated: 04/13/23

Applies to:

Customers who are using the Wizard tool and would like to navigate better within the functionality.

Common Causes / Issues:

Familiarizing yourself with the Wizard functionality and mapping Legend.

Solutions Overview:

Explaining how to use the mapping Legend.

Tactical Rundown:

The mapping legend defines the available features in the migration interface by displaying a symbol followed by a text description.
It helps the user learn more about mapping icons, each action, and more, hidden by a map icon. On our Wizard, it is a little bookmark, as shown below:
On the detailed mapping page, you can find it here:
There are two sections here: Actions and Glossary.
The Actions tab contains all actions which are available for source or target fields.


Glossary will inform about the different types of fields:

That's it! 

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