How does MigrateMyCRM handle the migration of associations in SugarCRM v11?

Last Updated: 05/16/23

Applies to: 

SugarCRM V11 users.

Solutions Overview:

Information about the available relations which can be migrated in SugarCRM v11.

Tactical Rundown:

MigrateMyCRM provides the migration of the following SugarCRM relations:

Account: Member of, Campaign, Assigned to

Contact: Account Name, Reports To, Campaign, Assigned to

Lead: Campaign, Assigned to

Task: Contact Name, Related to, Assigned to

Opportunity: Assigned to, Account Name, Campaign

Call: Related To.

All the other relations which are available in SugarCRM v11, can be reflected in Migration Wizard, mapped during the mapping steps, and migrated as well. 

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