I’m experiencing an issue authorizing my CRM. What should I do?

Last Updated: 05/18/23

Applies to:

Users who are trying to authorize/connect CRMs for data migration with Trujay.

Common Causes / Issues:

Errors while trying to connect CRMs for data migration.

Tactical Rundown:

To fix the issue with the CRM connection/ authorization, you should take the following steps:

  • Ensure you've indicated the correct CRM URL and access credentials in the Migration Wizard.
  • Check up on the status of your CRM platforms, they should be available at the time when migration is performed
  • Your firewall may block access to the server for our IP addresses. Please, add the following IPs to the whitelist:
Port 80

After your data import is completed, you can remove our IPs from the server whitelist.

Still Need Help?

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