Matching and mapping of objects are located on separate pages

Last Updated: 06/23/23

Applies to: 

Users who are doing migration using the Trujay Wizard tool. 

Common Causes / Issues:

The necessity of locating mapping and matching steps of the Wizard in the correct place.

Solutions Overview:

Information about the location of the mapping and matching steps for data migration users.

Tactical Rundown:

The tech team has recently changed the location of the mapping and matching steps (matching of users). The field mapping page is in the same place as before. Although, if you would like to proceed with the user's matching, you will need to select User's object first. You can see the "Mapping" info above the User's object. Then, please click on the button "Records Matching":

You will then be redirected to the new page. You can see that "mapping" was changed to "matching." You can work with the user's matching on this page:

If you would like to go back to the mapping of the fields, click on the button "Fields mapping":

You can continue working with mapping of the other objects now:

That's it!

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