Overview of the SELECT OBJECTS feature (before mapping step) in the Wizard:

Last Updated: 10/04/23

Applies to: 

  • Users, selecting and/or changing the objects for migration with the help of The Migration Wizard.

Common Causes / Issues:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the feature of Selecting Objects.

Solutions Overview:

1. Description of the statuses: Checked, Not checked or Not available
2. Description of the Users object and “Intersecting arrows” icon
3. Description of the “Dolly” icon
4. Description of the “Criss-cross” icon
5. Additional info for objects that are Not Available on your source or target CRMs
6. Information about the “circle icon" with the line inside
7. Additional information about Objects Availability
8. Information about Object Type

Tactical Rundown:

1. After successfully connecting your source and target CRM - you can either start a sample migration or customize mappings. Once the sample has been completed - you can update mappings, if required. 

When completing a Wizard Migration, one step in the process is the Select Objects.

Screenshot below:

In this step, you have the ability to select the objects you want to migrate and/or change.

2. The following icons and labels denote the count of objects you’ve Checked, Not checked or Not available to be migrated.

3. You have the ability to filter the Object list by typing a Source or Target object name:

4. The Users object is denoted by the “Intersecting arrows” icon, known as “Records matching”. This means the system will match user records of source object to target object.

5. The blue “Dolly” icon stands for “migration” strategy. This means the system will migrate records of the source object to the target object.

6. The “Criss-cross” icon denotes that the (“Object is not selected”) and will not be processed in the migration.

7. For objects that are Not Available on your source or target CRMs a “red question-mark” icon indicates: “This entity is not available on your {CRM}”

8. The “circle icon with the line inside indicates: “Source or target object contains some problems” (for the objects, which are not supported on the source / target CRM:

9. Objects Availability

Now each source/target object contains info about Availability:

Available - object is available on your CRM

Not Available  - object is not available on your CRM for some reason (plan, settings, etc...).

Unknown - currently we do not know the object availability, but we will check it on selection (described in Changing Object Matching)

10. Also, for the source / target CRM objects there is info about Object Type (Standard or Custom): 

11. You can also "Refresh Objects" with the latest objects set from both CRMs here:


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