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I have pending records after migration. How can I get more details?

Last Updated: 09/14/22

Applies to:

People who are having issues with pending records after migration

Common Causes / Issues:

Getting more information on the pending records for the clients who did the migration

Tactical Rundown:

You will need to go to the Wizard Details and find the records which are shown as Pending and click on Details (next to the number of pending records):


Then, after going to the next page, for each pending record, click on the blue sign (with a number): 


And in the new window, you can see the explanation for these pending records.
“Default relation to contact not exists” - means that during the migration process the relation between this Contact record and other records was lost for some reason. 

“Required contact with id:”1111” not exists” - means that the specific record was not migrated as it was previously either deleted or modified on the source CRM.


In such a case - contact Trujay Support Team (support@trujay.com) or via a Live chat at trujay.com in order to get assistance on this matter.