Possibility to match/migrate objects for user:

Last Updated: 10/05/23

Applies to: 

Migration Wizard users.

Solutions Overview: 

Explanation of the functionality related to the user matching. 

Tactical Rundown: 

During the migration process, on the step Match Records, we need to match the users from the source CRM to the target CRM: 


Can we match users to some empty fields? Why do we match users to other users? 

When you match users to other users - it will "set the rules" for future migration. The real changes will happen when you do a sample / full migration.

The way it works now (matching users to users)  - is done for the proper migration process. As, for example, you would like the specific user to match to the empty value. If that specific user is deactivated on the source CRM, but there are some active relations to the other records from this user to Contacts / Notes / Deals - in that case, the migration of data for this user (and its relations) may fail. It means that for the correct data transfer with all the relations - it’s recommended to match users to the other users on the target CRM.

The button "Create New" for the Users will set the rules: to migrate/match records with the type "User" from the source to the target CRM, according to the mapping, in case the target functionality allows to do that. It means that for some specific CRMs, the possibility to migrate or match records to the indicated users in the target CRM will be available. 

If you check and uncheck the button “Create New” several times - it will not change the functionality at the moment. It will only set the rules as described above.



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