What do I need to know?

Last Updated: 05/12/23 Expectations for a productive working relationship

📅 Scheduling 1:1 Consultation Sessions

These are 45 minute opportunities to learn more about your business, discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, answer questions and provide guidance on how to use HubSpot in the best way to solve those.

They are made via the client portal request form.

💬 Communication

All communication will take place in the client portal. This helps keep things organized for every task.

Messages sent via the portal will also send an email notification with the message's content. You can reply directly to it without having to login to the portal, if you don't want to.

⏰ Time Estimations

Every task that is "Accepted" will include a rough time estimation for completion. The time estimation is based on when we start "Working" on the task, not when it's "Accepted".

✅ Tasks Completed 1 at a Time

Until we receive confirmation from you that a task in the "Pending Approval" stage can be marked as "Complete". We will not start "Working" on the next task in your "Accepted" stage queue.

Once it is approved, we start working on the next one.

📤 Submitting Task Requests

You are responsible for submitting your own task requests. Don't worry if you're unsure about the contents of the task, just submit it anyways.

Every task goes through a triage phase where we will gather more requirements from you, if needed.

🚀 Unlimited Task Requests

You're able to submit as many task requests as you'd like. Think if it as you're building a backlog of tasks to be worked on in the future.